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Burgundy Scarf

Burgundy Scarf

Usual price €75
Details :

Your magnificent Burgundy scarf in all its aspects:

  • Small burgundy and black Vichy checks
  • Rectangular cut
  • Measurements: 80 cm X 50 cm
  • Finish: hem
  • Main material: 100% organic cotton
  • Thermoregulatory
  • French spinner
  • Made in Paris


The composition of your Burgundy scarf:

We have carefully selected premium quality organic cotton, certified GOTS, to offer you exceptional comfort and natural thermal regulation. Each port of this scarf is a caress for your skin.

It's not just a scarf, it is a true jewel of French textiles. Our French spinner has put his expertise at the service of this scarf, creating a unique piece that combines tradition and innovation.

The scarf that you love is 100% made in France, guaranteeing an unrivaled level of quality and proudly supporting our local industry.

To find out more about our quality materials and production locations, we invite you to explore our page dedicated to our know-how. Choose excellence, choose it scarf in certified organic cotton GOTS, made with passion in France.

This scarf is 100% made in France. 

Discover our magnificent Burdundy scarf, a chic essential for your season! Combine comfort with elegance with this organic cotton scarf with delicate red and black checks, carefully designed by Camille. It is the key element to enhance your seasonal style with an undeniable touch of class. The small check pattern adapts perfectly to all urban and Parisian environments, offering infinite versatility to perfectly complement each of your outfits. Whether you're opting for a classic outfit or a more casual look, this scarf is the perfect statement piece to instantly elevate your style. Use it as an accessory to accent your hair, tie it elegantly at your waist, or wrap it around your bag for an extra touch of sophistication. The Burdundy scarf is more than just an accessory, it's the perfect addition to all your seasonal adventures, adding understated elegance to every moment of your day.

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