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A touch of incomparable elegance.

Embody freedom, equality and femininity by adopting the French suit for all occasions.

Discover timeless elegance with our collection of carefully curated pieces. Each item has been created with meticulous attention to detail to ensure it perfectly complements your personal style. Refined designs, quality materials and a touch of sophistication make our latest styles wardrobe staples. Whether you're looking for casual or formal attire, our timeless pieces add a touch of class to every occasion.


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Browse our thoughtfully designed pieces, combining fashion with a sustainable footprint. Each creation tells a story of eternal style, defying the ephemeral to embrace an elegance that endures:

The KHATE Collection

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When fashion merges with passion, trend, and the authentic expression of your individuality.

Dive into the heart of our universe and explore a captivating collection, where style meets boldness, where elegance becomes an experience. Let yourself be carried away by the unique fusion of creativity and refinement, to redefine your style.

Camille, the founder, passionately reveals her boundless creativity to us. She shares in detail how the pieces she designs are meticulously designed to bring a subtle touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. Whether to illuminate a special occasion or to elevate your everyday life, she eloquently expresses the perfect fusion between her artistic inspiration and the timeless functionality of her creations.

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Each of our pieces is carefully crafted to reflect the essence of elegance and quality.

Explore absolute refinement with the centerpieces of our collection. They enhance each curve with unparalleled grace. Designed to captivate, they combine innovation and tradition, enveloping your silhouette in timeless elegance. The exquisite details and impeccable cuts of our suits evoke unparalleled sophistication.

Let yourself be carried away by the sumptuous feel of the fabric and the feeling of confidence that each seam inspires. Wear our pieces and turn every moment into a personal fashion show. NUYHENN is more than just a piece of clothing, it's an unforgettable style statement.


What our customers say.

“ Super satisfied with my purchase! I needed black suit pants, the ones offered by NUYHENN are perfect. It required an alteration at the waist and this was graciously offered to me, then the pants were delivered to me in person! Delighted to support a young French brand that also takes great care of its customers, looking forward to seeing what happens next! ”

Frédérique Mc Mahon

“I am delighted with my jacket!!! I advise everyone to try NUYHENN!”

Beatrix Lang

"The well-cut Shady Gray jacket, the fabric is thick and seems very durable over time. It gives a chic touch even with jeans."


“I immediately fell in love with the Shady Gray suit jacket as well as the values ​​that this brand puts forward. I gave it to my sister and she fell in love with it too, the jacket fits her like a glove. The jacket is very well cut, the respect for details and the effect of the different colors is great. The suit can be worn at work or in the evening. My sister is won over, all that remains is to buy the pants to finish the set. "