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The Workshop and Production

An invitation to French know-how

  • Our suppliers and partners are part of this quality approach.

    The excellence of our fashion market is based on unshakeable alliances with suppliers and partners dedicated to the art of quality. Our independent suppliers are passionate, meticulous artisans who combine rigor and expertise to bring exceptional creations to life. Each piece we offer is the result of deep collaboration with authentic talents, celebrating craftsmanship and commitment to high standards. Through these alliances, we shape a unique experience where quality and passion intertwine to create a collection that transcends expectations. Welcome to our world where the art of fashion finds its ultimate expression in every exquisite detail.
  • An ode to French know-how.

    Each piece embodies unrivaled authenticity, born from our approach dedicated to design and drawing, produced entirely in France. The nobility of the origin shines through focused production, where every detail demonstrates a commitment to excellence. Our approach highlights the harmony between tradition and modernity, offering creations where the art of fashion is enhanced by the distinctive touch of French know-how. Discover a unique experience where heritage meets innovation, and where quality becomes a timeless heritage.

It is through close collaboration with experienced suppliers that we anchor our commitment to fair and eco-responsible production. Each of our partners shares our vision of designing pieces that stand out for their exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail. From the selection of raw materials to the final creation, we strive to create a synergy where excellence is guided by sustainable practices. In this way, each garment becomes a reflection of our commitment to ethical craftsmanship and refined aesthetics. Join us on this quest to redefine fashion by combining elegance and responsibility, one piece at a time.

  • Work together.

    The soul of Paris is embodied in every seam of our creations, proudly stamped “Made In Paris”. At the heart of our approach, collaboration comes to life, particularly with a production workshop nestled in the heart of the capital. This direct and human link is the key to the manufacturing of our unique pieces, where each gesture becomes a declaration of love for Parisian craftsmanship. The careful selection of our partners and the way we sculpt our creations are crucial elements of our design process. This is how a symbiosis between tradition and modernity is born, creating a collection where Parisian elegance is expressed through every detail, every silhouette. Welcome to our world where fashion becomes an experience imbued with the vibrant spirit of Paris.

    A project that fuses creativity, functionality and sensitivity. Our mission is dedicated to seductive and timeless fashion, where each piece tells a unique story. Each creation is a moving work of art, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of timeless elegance. NUYHENN therefore embodies an invitation to redefine your style with pieces that combine the passion for creation with attention to detail, for fashion that stands the test of time.
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" Breath in Paris, it saves the soul. » VH