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Our Ethics Charter

“Say yes to conscious fashion.”

The GOTS label stands for: Global Organic Textile Standard. This is an international certification applied to organic textiles for clothing, hygiene products, toys, accessories, household linen, bedding and even furnishing fabrics.

This certification is based on both environmental and social standards throughout the textile production chain. From the origin of raw materials to distribution, including manufacturing and packaging, rigorous specifications are established.

Consult the specifications.

The Oeko-Tex label allows consumers to have confidence in the textile products they purchase. For this, the fabrics are subject to rigorous controls to verify the absence of toxic and dangerous substances. This label thus guarantees that the products tested present no risk to human health. We know that limiting the use of chemicals in the textile industry also allows us to reduce the production of waste that is hazardous to the environment.

Consult the specifications.

This entire collection is made with natural materials from organic farming. Our objective is to design quality clothing in line with human and environmental values.

We guarantee the absence of toxic products for the body and the environment. We take into account water and energy consumption, waste management, compliance with maximum emissions into water and apply binding criteria for wastewater treatment.

This is why we use GOTS and Oeko Tex certified organic cotton as our main material, which combines comfort and quality, as well as the health and ecological performance of textiles.

On a human level, we ensure safe and hygienic working conditions for all people working directly or indirectly with these textiles. In addition, we prohibit child labor, discrimination, physical abuse and any other form of intimidation.

NUYHENN, an ethical brand, wants total transparency in the manufacturing of its clothes.