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Our Packaging

“A brand combining ethics and refinement.”

Each stage of design, from production to packaging, is designed in accordance with our values ​​and our vision of fashion.

The pouches that wrap our pieces are designed to be reused . They can be transformed into small protective pouches for your personal belongings when traveling. Made from quality organic cotton , they offer great resistance.

  • Offer a second life to our products.

    We embrace the concept of sustainability by providing a second life in fashion. With each new collection and technological advancement, we actively commit to a zero waste approach. Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in our packaging, taking an eco-friendly approach. We are constantly rethinking our process, looking for innovative ways to minimize our impact on the planet. For us, fashion is synonymous with ecological awareness, where every choice contributes to shaping a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Respect our values ​​to the end...

  • This is why all of our packaging is reusable or recyclable.

    We pride ourselves on integrating sustainability at every step, and this is particularly evident in our packaging. Each element is designed to reduce our impact on the environment. Our packaging is entirely reusable or recyclable, thus offering a second life to each box and bag. Additionally, our shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard, ensuring their biodegradability and compostability. So your experience with us is not limited to fashion, but extends to an approach that respects the planet. Be part of our commitment to a greener future, without compromising on style.

Following your order, we offer you a small reusable shopping bag, made from high-quality organic cotton.