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Our Commitments

“It is everyone’s responsibility to think about their way of consuming and producing today for tomorrow.”

With us, each creation is imbued with deep respect for human and environmental values. We believe in the collective responsibility to think about our consumption and production today for a better tomorrow. Our commitment is materialized through a collaboration with you, inviting you to choose ethical consumption and embrace more responsible fashion. Loving fashion here also means choosing to respect those who shape it. Welcome to our movement where every choice you make helps shape a more sustainable future for fashion and the planet.

In accordance with our ethical charter, NUYHENN offers you the privilege of choosing exceptional clothing, made with top quality fabrics. Our commitment to ethics guides every step of our creative process, ensuring not only an exceptional piece, but also the confidence that your choice supports ethical and sustainable practices. A universe where elegance and responsibility meet harmoniously, offering a space where fashion becomes an expression of deep values.

  • Increased daily freedom through feminine clothing with a real positive impact.

    Reducing plastic and textile waste is at the heart of our approach, highlighting exceptional natural materials, notably certified organic cotton. We also innovate by giving a second life to dormant stocks, thus infusing each creation with a unique ecological story. Join us in this quest for responsible style, where every clothing choice becomes a statement in favor of sustainability. When fashion meets ethics for an elegance that goes beyond aesthetics.
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Made in France, we offer you unique artisanal know-how while maintaining a direct link with our suppliers.