Our history

“A cultural wealth.”

  • A story of elegance and emancipation.

    With its rich cultural heritage and an unwavering passion for fashion, our brand expresses a unique identity. Each piece we create tells a unique story of elegance and empowerment, celebrating the power of women's expression. At NUYHENN, fashion transcends mere clothing to become a bold statement, an affirmation of confidence and inner beauty. Welcome to a world where every outfit carries a captivating story of a woman who embraces her individuality with grace and style.

The essence of NUYHENN is rooted in an encounter steeped in cultural diversity. Its name, derived from the Chinese word "NUREN" meaning "woman", symbolizes the fusion of cultural influences. This choice goes beyond a simple name, it reflects the roots and deep values ​​of our creator. At NUYHENN, each creation carries within it the history and strength of femininity celebrated across world cultures. Our universe becomes a celebration of diversity, a tribute to the roots that inspire creativity and define a unique identity.

  • Each designer piece tells a story, adventures, discoveries and unique encounters.

    Our heritage draws its inspiration from an exceptional cultural mix, anchored in Camille's unique journey. His maternal grandfather, originally from Shanghai, made his way to England in the 1940s, bringing with him an unwavering love for his country of origin. In London, he united his destiny with that of a British woman, giving birth to a family of five children and thus embodying an avant-garde cultural wealth for his time. This story, imbued with diversity and love, is reflected in each NUYHENN creation, where fashion becomes the vibrant language of a unique and inspiring family story. Each garment is a page turned in the history of our cultural heritage.

"My mother's passion for beauty, attention to detail, quality clothing and refinement has always been a source of inspiration. Growing up, I inherited these same passions and became particularly enamored with the world of fashion. From a young age, the expression of each woman's unique style, enhanced by unique pieces, captivated my heart. This fascination evolved to become the driving force behind NUYHENN, a brand that celebrates elegance, individuality and passion for quality. Every creation we offer bears the imprint of this inspiration, a declaration of love to the timeless art of fashion. Each garment is imbued with this personal story, a fusion of heritage and passion passed down from generation to generation."

In 2020, Camille took the plunge by realizing her passion for fashion through the creation of NUYHENN. This is how a collection of women's ready-to-wear took shape, a true expression of its deep roots and aspirations. Each piece embodies the fusion between his cultural heritage and his commitment to timeless aesthetics. NUYHENN thus becomes the reflection of a personal vision, an ode to individuality, where fashion becomes a story that transcends seasons and ephemeral trends. A journey where each creation bears the imprint of Camille's passion, thus establishing a link between the past and the future of fashion.