The Tailor's Story

“The suit draws the silhouette and shapes elegance.”

The pantsuit ensemble has its deep roots in feminist resistance. A symbol of empowerment and assertiveness, this ensemble embodies more than just the fusion of clothing, but rather a bold statement of equality and power. Throughout history, the pantsuit has been worn by strong, visionary women, marking key moments in the fight for gender equality. With us, this heritage is honored through contemporary creations which perpetuate this tradition of trust and freedom. Welcome to our world where fashion becomes a vehicle of expression, celebrating the heritage and strength of women.

The 19th century witnessed a remarkable evolution in women's fashion.

In the early 1870s, Englishman John Redfern emerged as a pioneer with his revolutionary "tailored suit" designs. Redefining women's fashion, her ensembles combined classic elegance with functionality, offering women an innovative alternative to traditional dresses. This is how the “tailored suit” was born, symbolizing not only a clothing revolution, but also the emancipation of women. Today, at home, this Redfern heritage continues to live on through modern interpretations, where the alliance of aesthetics and practicality remains at the heart of our vision of fashion.

The tailor, a true resistance fighter for the feminist cause.

During the 20th century, it became the rising star of women's fashion, evolving to become a central wardrobe item. Women enthusiastically adopted the jacket/skirt combination, particularly with the rise of sports, seeking greater femininity and a glamorous silhouette. This clothing choice goes beyond aesthetics, it becomes a declaration of independence, symbolizing the strength and confidence of women in a changing era. At home, we honor this heritage by continuing to craft modern ensembles that embody the power and timeless elegance of women's tailoring.

“A suit that continually inspires fashion.”

Haute couture appropriated the suit, elevating it to the status of a symbol of elegance. Among the great names of this era of innovation and sophistication were legends such as Paul Poiret, Jeanne Lanvin, Gabrielle Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others. These visionary designers have shaped the fashion landscape by pushing the boundaries of the conventional and boldly reinterpreting women's tailoring. The suit then becomes a means of artistic expression, transcended by impeccable cuts, sumptuous fabrics and boundless creativity. We pay homage to this heritage by continuing this tradition of excellence and creating contemporary pieces that capture the timeless spirit of elegance. The suit becomes a hymn to art, innovation and timeless beauty.

  • The “New Look” Style.

    The waist was highlighted, and the corset favored the 'New Look' style, introduced by the couturier Christian Dior.

The new generation of couturiers is inspired by Cristóbal Balenciaga's innovative research into clothing construction, as well as the concern for comfort and movement embodied by Gabrielle Chanel's visionary tailoring. These contemporary designers, carrying the legacy of masters of the past, push the boundaries of creativity by merging the structural innovation of Balenciaga with the elegant functionality of Chanel. The result is a new era of tailoring that marries avant-garde aesthetics and timeless refinement.

We draw inspiration from this fusion to create pieces that transcend eras, celebrating the continuity of excellence in fashion. The suit becomes a harmonious symphony between past and present, evoking heritage while anticipating the future of haute couture.

  • A loose fit.

    In the 1950s, Gabrielle Chanel offered her interpretation of the women's suit with tweed and a loose cut.

From then on, the pantsuit comes in shapes, colors, styles and varieties of fabrics.

From then on, the pantsuit comes in a multitude of shapes, colors, styles and varieties of fabrics. The modern woman is evolving towards the status of “working girl”, choosing between loose pants or close-fitting skirts, depending on her style and comfort. The suit, once a symbol of formal elegance, is now becoming a must-have in our women's wardrobes, suitable for all situations. Whether it's a day at the office, a professional event or a casual outing, the suit is the versatile ally that transcends the boundaries between fashion and functionality. Every woman can find her ideal suit, reflecting her personality and dynamic lifestyle.

  • Sensitive to the spirit of the times.

    In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent launched a line of pantsuits with an androgynous style.

The suit, a true fashion chameleon, is worn with natural elegance in the evening, combined with heels, just as it adapts to a casual style during the day, accompanied by a simple white t-shirt and sneakers. This versatility embodies the beauty of the suit, capable of adjusting to every moment of daily life. We celebrate this adaptability by creating ensembles that transcend convention, giving every woman the freedom to express their creativity and individual style. The suit becomes a blank canvas for your own interpretation of elegance, a centerpiece that gracefully takes you from day to night.